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Art Canvas Caning

Video: Art Canvas Caning
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Studio: California Star Productions
Mistress Erzebet and Sir Nik, college art curators, are on the prowl for several students whom they suspect of forging artwork and selling them as originals.
Confronting them they are given choices. Either suffer some rudimentary discipline or spend time with the local authorities. Discipline of course is preferred, as Erzebet and Nik begin, skirts are tossed and hand spanking is begun. Implements are brought in and each woman is given her punishment of choice. Their behinds redden as their tears and crescendo's of cries increase. Finally Erzebet brings out the wooden cane and expressly uses it across their already pink bottoms. Sir Nik watches as the hard and furious can increases the quantity of stripes across their formerly white derriere. They wont be selling forges art work to anyone else!

Stars: Sir Nik, Mistress Erzebet

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