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Ancient Regime Part 1

Video: Ancient Regime Part 1
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Studio: Mood Pictures
Part 1: Couple of decades ago in Eastern European countries' government agencies used force to get information even from young girls. This method attracted people to become officers to safisfy their needs to cause pain. This movie drives you back in time through an officer's memories.
Part2: We were trying to track down officers and their victims from the Communist Era... We found a young girl and an officer who tortured her for fun! We took back the officer to the place where he was "working" and asked him about his old job. He told us what a miserable life he has now, there is nothing left from that era, even this place is run as a garage now. We took the girl to the same place and she told us everything on the way to the garage. They had not known about our plan, but when they met old memories came back... painful memories...

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