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An Ad In The Times

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Studio: Red Stripes
Mr. Harris sees an ad in the Times which interests him. His wife has been overspending, disappearing at night and smoking some illegal substances. Mr. Harris does not feel like he can sort out the problem, but the man who placed the ad says he can. We meet Mr. Harris and another lady named Sarah at Mr. Taylor's house. The other young lady who visits Mr. Taylor regularly tells Mrs. Harris what the situation is. Both ladies have been instructed to bring notes outlining their misdemeanors. Mr. Taylor then tells the ladies that their punishment is about to begin. He makes them change into very demeaning schoolgirl uniforms and insists on calling them by their first names as though they were little girls. He starts by administering a sound spanking to Sarah's bottom over her knickers, but soon they are pulled down and the spanking is resumed on her bare bottom. At last Sarah is allowed to rise and her place is taken by Jennifer...

Stars: Sarah, Mr. Harris, Mr. Taylor

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