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American Spanking Classics #6

Video: American Spanking Classics #6
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Studio: California Star Productions
When Carol's uncontrollable ways lead her mother to call Carol's step-dad home to deal with the situation, Carol is in real trouble. She gets a bare bottom spanking from both her mom and her step-dad, and then is sent to Fetch The Cane for some real discipline. The stinging pain from the willowy rod striking her bare buttocks is too much for the girl whose tears roll down her face. Each new blow fins its target, and she re-coils in pain. An enema is soon followed by more discipline with bare hand spankings from them both. The tearful, repentant girls' bottom cheeks are striped and crimson red!
A Paddling for Meechi-Meechi's new freedom away from her parent's has come to an abrupt halt. Her male guardian finally go fed up with her going around with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble. In desperation he takes her to Miss Jones, a very stern disciplinarian, who promises him tat she will help Meechi use up her excess energy in a gym spurred on by some very real corporal punishment. Mss Jones gives Meechi and incredible padding turning her cute oriental bottom bright red and very sore. Despite the flood of tears from Meechi's face, the punishment continues. Insuring that she will be a proper young lady in the future.

Stars: Carol, Meechi

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