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American Spanking Classics #22: Sisters Rivalry

Video: American Spanking Classics #22: Sisters Rivalry
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Studio: California Star Productions
Shelby is used to a life of leisure. Since she has been living with her step sister, samantha, she has not lifted one finger to help with the household chores. She prefers to spend her day sitting around while her older sister does all the work. Naturally, the atmosphere is getting quite tense between the girls. Samanthat lays down the lay. Shelby refuses to cooperate. So they are at an impasse? Not quite. Samantha happens to be somewhat stronger than her younger sister. She's strong enough to turn Shelby over her knee for a good sound spanking. Shelby's defiance continues. And so does the punishment. By day's end Shelby's tender bottom is beet red. She won't be "sitting around" for quite a while.

Stars: Samantha, Shelby

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