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American Punishment Collections #9

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Studio: California Star Productions
Maxine and Synthia are insolent and ungrateful! Being allowed to be a college intern to Mistress Gemini's business is an honor indeed! How dare they coming in late and dressed so abhorrently! Gemini will teach them the proper way to behave as young women. They will be subjected to her discipline or face an impeachment and possibly be looking for another college to attend. As they are undressed down to nothing more than high heels they thwacked with a plastic paddle and leather straps. Finally the cane is brought out. Placing them at opposite ends, with soft white buttocks facing each other Gemini applies the cane. A rhythmic action entails as first one then the other receives a resounding thwack. Back and forth, the action ensues, as each grimaces in pain. They must take it or leave the internship!

Krissy approaches the exterior of a house that appears to be quite ordinary. She is oddly happy to enter as she is led to the interior of "The Room". There we find Mistress Gemini, a disciplinarian well known for her actions and use of implements. Against the wall are hanging leather straps, paddles, riding crops and swishy canes, Gemini places her across a leather bed, and she is giving a hand spankings as clothing is deftly removed. Her pleasure is easily seen, and when most women will scream in pain Krissy is seen to enjoy her pain. Spread- eagled against the wall the cane is methodically levied against Krissy's soft skin as if playing across an entire keyboard. From the knee to the thigh the cane leaves red stripes across pale skin. And pleasurable moans are heard to reverb through this dungeon-like room. When it is time to leave, her place is taken by a lovely dark-haired beauty known as Gia. Oh pleasure she too is about to receive.

A regular of Gemini has given her a call complaining about the erratic and disrespectable behavior of his wife. He has sent her there before for some well deserved disciplinary action. Eager to please her customer, Gemini invites her over for a session of free charge. "I will sort her out, she declares!" once Natalia arrives she is met with a stern Gemini who is eager to turn her bad behavior around. Hand spankings, paddles and the leather strap are liberally used across her soon to be bare and redden bottom. She has never felt the cane before! And what a sight to see, as Gemini gives her beautiful bottom a shocking fifty strokes! After being suitably disciplined she is sent on her way to her husband to see the results.

Stars: Gia, Natalia, Maxine, Gemini, Krissy, Synthia Slave

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