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American Punishment Collections #7

Video: American Punishment Collections #7
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Studio: California Star Productions
Our latest collection includes snippets of:"Art Canvas Caning". "Disciplined Housewives" and "Credit Card Caning. "In "Art Canvas Caning" Mistress Erzebet and Sir Nik, college art curators, are on the prowl for students who are forging and selling artwork. When found they are given a choice: accept discipline or speak to the authorities. You get to see what they have chosen.
In "Disciplined Housewives" Sir Nik and unorthodox marriage counselor has tow appointments today. Ah, these wayward housewives. Some wanting the discipline, others not quite as receptive. But all necessary and needful. He's only here to help! And finally in "Credit Card Caning". Nik confronts his girlfriend when his credit card is declined. Furious he begins to gibe her a healthy spanking when the truth finally comes out. She has been covering for her niece. When Nik demands that she be confronted we can only imagine what her fate will also entail!

Stars: Sir Nik, Mistress Erzebet

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