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American Punishment Collections 18

Video: American Punishment Collections 18
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Studio: California Star Productions
KITCHEN KANING: "A Feel For The Cane" Jadie is desperate and anxious to go out with her friend's boss when she learns that he enjoys spanking his dates. Jadie asks Ruby to give her a practical demonstration of what may be expected. To Jadie's horror, however, a cane is brought out, and she is given 20 strokes across her bottom. This leaves her with more than a few doubts about the proposed date.

NAUGHTY GIRL: Sandy is lounging around in her bedroom when she rings Mr. Liam to ask if he would like to come over and play a spanking game. Rather, she says, I will be there in two minutes. After the initial spankings, strappings and severe canings, a good day was had by them both.

Stars: Sandy, Jadie, Mr. Liam, Ruby (Male)

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