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After Concert Canings

Video: After Concert Canings
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Studio: California Star Productions
With four number one hits to his credit, Justin's tour has been very successful. After one of his concerts, two lucky girls are invited back to his country mansion for an exciting party.

On the way over, they curiously inquire about and article they saw in a gossip magazine about Justin's interest in spanking. Advising them that they shouldn't believe everything they read, he heads over to the neighbors to fetch some beer.

Whilst he is away, the nosey girls discover his spanking implements in his study. This is the catalyst to get on the good graces of this rising rock star! They think that if he comes home and sees them in the midst of a girly spanking session that it will increase their chances to stay connected to his lifestyle.

It works perfectly, as Justin is purely delighted to see the two naked girls spanking each other furiously. Not willing to lose this opportunity, he quickly takes up the charge by hand spanking and paddling his groupies. And, this is followed by the generous use of the swishy cane. This is a night these girls will long remember ...

Stars: Justin

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