Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


A Teacher’s Discipline


Approximate Running Time: 15.13 minutes

She is busy pinning notices on the notice board, when her teacher comes in and hands her a piece of paper to read. Reading it carefully, she hands it back to him.

Wordlessly, he instructs her to knee on an office chair – facing the wall. He then lifts her tight black skirt clear of her bottom and reveals a slim shapely bottom, encased in a black lacy pair of briefs, that he pulls down showing her creamy white bottom, framed by a black suspender belt – that is holding up her black stockings.

He hand spanks her for a while, spanking from one cheek to the other, rapidly turning her creamy white bottom into an angry red one.

His hand reddens her creamy white bottom

She cries out and whimpers as her bottom becomes sorer.

After a while, he produces a thick crook handled cane and uses it to make her already sore bottom even sorer and redder – with white / blue marks criss crossing her bottom.

The vicious looking cane leaves its mark

At his bidding, she pulls up her knickers and lowers her skirt, demurely smoothing it down.

Her discipline session is over.

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