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A Spanking Christmas Story – Merrilee Meets Santa and Trouble


Part One

Merrilee is sat at her computer – staring at a blank screen. Propped up on a jar of jam was yesterday’s newspaper, opened at the ‘Jobs Vacant’ page.
She looked again at the advert she had circled. Reading it aloud to herself,

‘Secretary needed for a very busy gentleman. She must be able to answer letters and keep a proper filing system. A willingness to travel extensively would be a definite plus. This is a temporary post, until December 26th. Please send a letter and your CV to The Man In Red, PO Box 999, North Pole.’

‘Okay Man In Red,’ she said, opening her Word programme. ‘I hope the pay is good.’

After a few stops and starts, she printed off the letter, and then checked it for typos. ‘No point in sending a letter full of typos etc, not if I’m applying for a Secretarial job.’

Dear Sir,

I’m replying to your advertisement in the Daily News dated November 1st 2011.

My name is Merrilee; I’m nineteen years old and living in Personchester.

I’m a qualified secretary. My typing speed is forty words per minute and my shorthand is one hundred and twenty words per minute. Attached is my CV and Diplomas from the Secretarial College of Personchester.

I am available to travel extensively. Do you pay travel expenses?

Looking forward to hearing further from you.

Yours faithfully,


Putting the letter into an airmail envelope, she sealed it. Then put it near the front door – so she wouldn’t forget it when she went out the next day to the Post Office.

Returning to her computer, she clicked on Freecell, becoming so involved with the game she didn’t hear Pete come in.

‘Merrilee my sweet, what’s this?’
He came into the lounge holding the letter she had left ready for posting.

‘Oh hi darling,’ she held up her face for a kiss. ‘I’m applying for a job.’ She explained.

‘Great, but the North Pole?’

‘Why not? It’s just a job,’ she answered. ‘And anyway, it’s only temporary.’

‘Well, tell me all about it,’ he said sitting down behind her on the chair.

‘This guy says he’s looking for a Secretary.’

‘You a secretary,’ laughed Pete. ‘He’d have to be desperate if he hires you.’

‘If I’m good enough to write your letters, why shouldn’t I be able to write his?’

‘There’s a bit of a difference between putting a stamp on an envelope and writing a letter.’

‘You’re a cheeky sod,’ she said indignantly.

‘No I’m not,’ he said, ‘just truthful.’

‘You did say I should get a job, if I wanted to go to Benidorm next year.’

‘True, I did, but I wasn’t thinking of the North Pole.’

‘Neither was I, but, when I saw this ad I thought why not.’

‘I’ll tell you why not my sweet,’ he started nibbling the back of her neck. ‘What am I supposed to do with myself while you’re away?’

‘You won’t have time to miss me; it’s only for thirteen days. Besides, I haven’t got the job yet.’

‘Oh you’ll get the job ok, you’ve got enough cheek to pull it off.’

‘Hey, I’m never cheeky,’ she protested.

‘Of course you’re not,’ he laughed. ‘Anyway, talking about cheeks, you know what I’d like to do right now?’

‘Haven’t a clue,’ she said.

‘Stand up,’ he ordered.

‘What for?’

‘This,’ he spun the chair round facing away from the computer. Catching hold of her wrist, he pulled her over his knee.

She struggled, but he held her down firmly, his left arm encircling her slim waist. ‘Let me go,’ she gasped.

‘No way my sweet,’ he laughed. ‘I’ve got you exactly where I love having you.’

‘You’re a pervert. Ouch!’ She wriggled even more as his large hand made contact with her bottom.

‘It takes one to know one,’ he said. ‘You know you enjoy being spanked as much as I enjoy spanking you.’

Her bottom turned from white to pink to red. Despite her wriggling, he kept on spanking her. She could feel her clit swelling, the crutch of her knickers becoming soaked with her juices.

‘I can’t see what I’m doing,’ he said, pulling her knickers down to mid thigh.

‘My sweet, your bottom is so red and you know red is my favourite colour.’

‘Sod off darling,’ she said sweetly.

‘Say that again my sweet and you’ll be getting a taste of my belt.’

‘Sod off – sod off – sod off.’

Pulling her up and setting her on her feet, she watched enthralled as he slowly pulled his wide leather belt from its loops.

Wrapping the belt around his right hand, he left about twelve inches dangling.

Sitting down and putting her over his knee again he said, ‘right let’s carry on where we left off.’

After the belt had made contact ten times with her quivering cheeks, they had become an even deeper shade of red. She was clenching and unclenching her cheeks.

‘Stop clenching,’ he said.

‘I can’t help it,’

‘You’ve told me it hurts more, so why do it?’

‘Cos I’m a masochist and enjoy pain.’

‘Of course you are, why didn’t I realise that?’

‘Piss off.’

‘You’re going to hate what I’m going to do next,’ he said. ‘But I think you need it.’

What is he going to do to her?

To be continued in Part Two ……

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