Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


A Beautiful Belt

Studio: Girls Boarding School

 Approximate Running Time: 08.26 minutes

 Maggie has acquired a beautiful shiny leather belt – diamond encrusted. Headmaster Tom, headmaster at Girls Boarding School is intent on finding out where and how she got it.

She is lying face down on a bench, her bottom is fully exposed.

 Waiting for her punishment to start

At first she refuses to divulge the information, but Headmaster Tom is going to have to beat the answer out of her.

He uses the said belt, across her bottom, turning the cheeks through several hues, from pink to a deep angry red with savage welts springing up.

The truth will out

Eventually, she tells him she bought it. HM Tom knows darn well that she’s lying. He knows the value of the belt – $2 000

So he uses the belt twenty more times – ten for lying and ten for stealing.

Will Maggie never learn?

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