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A Bad Deal – Stage Fright

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Studio: California Star Productions
This first film is a true account of a party I was organizing for a number of celebrity guests who were into the C.P. scene. Knowing that a few had expressly asked me to obtain some cocaine, I had sent my friend Janet to buy some from a local dealer. Upon her return, we thought that we had better try it out, what better way to get into a party mood! To my disgust she had been palmed off with baking power. Having told her to try it out, I was obviously quite annoyed. I had spent a thousand pounds of my friend's money and there were sure to be disappointed. I immediately put Janet over my knee and spanked her bottom. Realized that I was enjoying it, I pulled her leggings down and gave her some more on her bare bottom. I knew that my flat mate had some paddles and canes, after finding them I used them to redden my friend's bottom, knowing she was in no position to complain. As a final punishment I thrashed her beautifully curvy black bottom until welt marks appeared. I enjoyed myself so much that I was laughing while administering the strokes.

The second film relives an experience when I was Production Manager at a local theatre. On the third day it was apparent to the audience and director both that one of the actress had forgotten her lines and seemed totally out of place on the stage. Seeing that I suggested the young woman for the part I took it upon myself to do what I could to help her. Knowing she had never found herself being spanked, I began rather gently so to gain her confidence. As our session preceded the spanking and paddling became fiercer until I felt she was ready for the cane. For someone so uninitiated, I was amazed she was able to take about 30 cane strokes on her peachy, bare bottom..

Stars: Janet

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