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50 Shades Of Veronica Avluv Day 1

Video: 50 Shades Of Veronica Avluv Day 1
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Studio: Michael Kahn Productions
Veronica Avluv called Michael Kahn and asked to be a “guest” in his dungeon. She’s such a pretty girl; how could he refuse? So he decked out his dungeon to look like a pretty bedroom and invited the lovely Veronica over for some fun. Clad in only a skimpy bra and panties, Veronica first has a brief interview, and then they get down to business. Master Kahn requests that Veronica call him daddy, and thank him for her punishments. She is draped over his knee and spanked, and then he uses a leather strap to further spank her.

Later, a variety of whips are used on her ass and sensitive pussy. Master Kahn has some fun with electro stimulation, scaring Veronica as they get dangerously close to her sensitive nipples. This short film ends with Master Kahn using a whip on Veronica’s pussy, her legs in the air as she squeals with pleasure at each stroke of the whip. If this is day one, what could Master Kahn have in store for Veronica on day two?

Stars: Michael Kahn, Veronica Avluv

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