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Youll Both Be Spanked Today

Video: Youll Both Be Spanked Today
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Jennifer and Natasha just wanted to make some fast cash. They answered an ad to appear in a video that would include spankings. It all sounded innocent enough, and the money was good.

But during today's meeting, the girls will need to get spankings to prove they can withstand the rigors of the movie!

Natasha gets to leave her jeans on for the first part of the lickin'. Even so, you can see her react from the force of each swat. After her spanker feels she is sufficiently "warmed up," Natasha bends back over and immediately, sharp stinging swats from the leather paddle blast into her reddened ass. From there, she's pulled across his knee and the paddling continues. To intensify the punishment, a leather belt is produced, then whipped into Natasha's sore butt. To finish the young girl off, a nice, long hand spanking takes place.

Now it's Jennifer's turn. She gets to leave her panties on for the first p[art of her paddling. But soon after, the panties are removed, revealing a nicely reddened ass.

The paddling goes on until Jennifer's bottom is completely damaged.

Now it's time to see both girls getting it together!

They're bent over, side by side, and they receive more paddle swats and leather belt lashes. They whimper and cry together as they both get their bottom's blistered even further. It's the producer's intent to find the girl's breaking point. They accomplish that early on, but decide to push each girl even further.

Stars: Jennifer, Natasha

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