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Studio: California Star Productions
At the sale of a house remodeling job the busy foreman is furious with a late employee. Needing money, the girl has convinced her father (the boss) to give her a job painting and decorating. Everyone on the crew knows that she is useless and it annoys them even more knowing that she is paid the same money they are. This time the foreman loses his patience with her and rips the back of her overalls down. He bends her over his work bench for a hard spanking on her bare bottom. He also points out that if she doesn't submit to regular spankings like this one, her father will find out just how useless she really is. But not much later, he finds her smoking and drinking with no work to show for her time on the job. This is it! The cane is brought out to ensure no repeat of today's performance.

A local artist has won a lucrative contract to paint a series of pictures for a wealthy Arab. The scenes depicting beautiful, young women being disciplined by spanking and caning are intended to decorate his harem. Models are brought in to pose for the paintings, but are somewhat shocked when asked to perform the task for real. You see the artist just can't get a feel for the subject unless he sees the glowing red skin and inevitable welts from the painful punishment administered on their bottoms

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