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Studio: RGE-Films
"Wild Party" is the most severe video to date. Five girls are punished, and I do mean punished. There are no sexual overtones, no fondling, no overt ogling; simply a series of harsh, unrelenting canings. If harsh caning is your thing, and you want to see it taken to its limit, this is the video. The premise of the movie is that a group of young girls gather at a friend's house to drink smoke, play dress up, and carouse. There is a slight lesbian color to the goings on, but nothing very explicit; almost innocent by today's standards. The father comes home and catches them in mid debauch, and takes it upon himself to discipline the lot of them. The girls head for the bathroom to change into their street clothes, and present themselves to the father, before perching on the sofa. The first girl is made to drop her skirt and panties (what little there is of them), and assume a classic bent over position, with hands and elbows on a low table. She is slim, and reasonably good looking, with a lovely little white bottom, and a rather girlish figure. The 25 cuts are stunningly hard, leaving great purple swellings, and are delivered in pretty quick succession. The contrast between the remarkably smooth and pale bottom presented to the cane, and the swollen tangle of ridged weals it soon becomes, is remarkable. The girl comports herself admirably well, considering the harsh treatment meted out. She generally stays in position, and begins to cry softly, but doesn't really give voice until the last five cuts or so. I doubt that I, as a full grown man, could have borne up as well. After her ordeal, she is made to kneel on the sofa with her face to the wall.

The second girl is a bit more fully developed, but is still rather slim, with light smooth. She is a bit less amenable to the cane than the first girl, and also somewhat more verbal. She takes the first few strokes well, but soon begins to duck down, and interrupt the proceedings. After putting up with a bit more ducking and flinching, along with some pleas for the caning to stop, the father, tired of dealing with this foolishness, has her lay across the table so that she cannot so easily avoid the blows. She has a very pretty, rather sweet, face, and I would almost spare her this pain; almost. Soon, she too, is kneeling on the sofa with her well marked bottom a preview to the others of their coming ordeal.

The third girl has a more mature build, not as girlish as the others, and is less pale skinned. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom, and while there coats her bottom with a generous portion (too generous) of some creme, meant as a protection. Like the previous girl, this one is no stranger to the cane, and some faint lines and markings are visible on the dusky skin of her bottom, from a previous engagement. The father is not fooled, and orders her back to the bathroom to remove it. Upon her return, she is made to lay across the table with a pillow beneath her hips. As a punishment for her deception, she is given 40-50 cuts. Though many of the cuts are moderate, none are light, and her bottom is soon well marked. She is comforted during the beating, by the next girl in line; a pretty red head with her hair cut short. As she is caned, she makes quite a fuss, and is so shrill that I found it a bit unnerving. To her credit, despite her protests, she stays across the table until it is time for her to join the two others kneeling on the sofa.

The Pretty redhead takes her turn, and seems quite disgusted, and contemptuous of the whole thing. She is the only one of the penitents wearing pants, and she undoes, and drops them with a certain confident style, as she faces up to her adversary. She has a nice shape, and takes a proud, almost defiant stance, with her legs straight and slightly spread. She holds out for a number of strokes, but then stands, and seems to catch her breath for a bit. She rises several times, but always goes back down. She has extremely fine, light skin, and marks up very noticeably (as do they all). The double lined welts seem on the verge of opening, and are more of a fruity red, than the purple of the other girls. This woman is extremely attractive, being more womanly than the girls who preceded her. She too rises, and joins the display kneeling on the sofa.

The last girl is the daughter. She is good looking, with the slimness that seems to be a trade mark of the Rigid East girls. She is dressed in a pair of pajamas, and is made to drop the bottoms before bending over and placing her hands on the table. She receives five fairly vigorous swats with a wooden paddle before the caning begins. The caning has the typical Riged East level of severity. The last girl is vocal, but keeps her feet planted, though she does pull her bottom in as the paddle and cane descend. When she joins the others kneeling on the sofa, the picture is complete. None of the girls gets less than 25 cuts, and it seems as if there are some extras given to some. These are not love taps, and there is no pulling of the cuts, as there is in virtually every other caning video I have ever seen. If you are tired of watching girls receive dozens, and even hundreds of strokes, which barely turn their bottoms pink, this movie will be a refreshing change. This is the real thing!

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