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Mistress Kendra circled Her spread eagled captive. She teased him with Her wooden paddle and tormented him with Her long legs, driving a high heel into his dangling hard on. She squatted and dished out some CBT and verbal humiliation and then stood and drove Her knee into him hard. After some rough handling, She tied his balls tight and strung them down to the spreader bar. Producing the wooden paddle, She dished out some corporeal punishment.

Mistress Kendra had Her hooded submissive bent over and applied some electricity to the back of his nut sack. She found this most amusing. Now on his back on the stretcher, Mistress Kendra cranked up the hoist and stretched out his cock and balls. She moved over him and played with the dildo attached to his face. Stimulating his nipples and moving Her long nylon covered legs over him, his cock started to rise to meet the foot She was using on his balls. She clamped his nipples and attached them to his sore balls.

Laughing as he gasped in pain, Mistress Kendra pulled the clamps from his nipples and balls and then mounted his face. She fucked his face hard and then turned over him and fucked him some more, Her perfect ass coming down hard each time on his head. She pulled off him and loosened one hand. He was ordered to produce a load as She stood over him. She stepped on his neck and cut off his air. This made him even harder and he spewed a huge load out as She grinned broadly.

Stars: slave player, Mistress Kendra

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