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Whip Hard With A Vengeance

Video: Whip Hard With A Vengeance
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Studio: Syren Productions
Mistress Gemini catches Tony peeping in one of her windows, so she sneaks up behind him, holding him at gun point before securing him to the whipping post in her back yard. Tony is about to find out that he definitely chose the wrong house this time. Mistress Gemini shows no mercy in beating Tony like a rented mule. She tears into his ass with strapping, some severe paddling with heavy wooden paddles and Spencer paddles that leave his ass blistered and bloody, and then gives him a severe back whipping with her single tail whip that leaves long red welts all over his back. Not satisfied with just beating tony, she then takes him inside for some CBT. Mistress Gemini secures his ankles to his wrist and proceeds to torture the whole front side of Tony's body by flogging his cock and balls, whipping his nipples, and digging her sharp heels into his nipples and balls. Very severe action in this one!

Stars: Tony, Mistress Gemini

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