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Warehouse of Woe

Video: Warehouse of Woe
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Studio: Bondage Maidens

Welcome to Schnoor Incorporated, where the work is hard, the secretaries hot, and the discipline even hotter! Good help is hard to find they say, but lucky for you, Mr. Schnoor has an aggressive "training" program in place for those who err in their appointed duties.

This is the story of one such lass (the ever gorgeous Claire Adams) and her rise to the top of the secretarial pool. Joining her on her journey are Erica Kole, Darling, and a promising young newcomer by the name of Mary. As the errors mount, secretarial asses turn neon red as Mr. Schnoor (Master Warlock) uses his ruler and trusty bullwhip to give daily performance reports. And gentlemen, wait until you see what Claire has in store for her underlings in the contract department!

What awaits you is one of the hottest three way discipline scenes ever recorded on video as Claire runs Erica Kole and Mary through their paces, blistering their tender asses as she painfully reminds them of their workplace duties.

Stars: Mary, Claire Adams, Darling, Erica Kole, Master Warlock, More...

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