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Studio: RGE-Films
Political satire has been a part of European culture for centuries. But its creators weren't always met with understanding. There were times when they ended up in pillories or were whipped out of the town by the rulers they had satirized.

Yes, dear audience, it's rather an interesting reminiscence on how things used to be long ago. However, gradually less invasive but more effective methods started to come into fashion. Exile, imprisonment, economic pressure... these remain in our enlightened days.

Let us introduce a true political satire from Lupus Pictures. With all the attributes of a proper spanking movie, of course, including bare-bottomed girls, their tears and cries. You will enjoy their naked bodies - the beginning of the movie shows that the daughter and her girl friend have more than a platonic relationship.

What is the mother's reaction?

How will the girl's father deal with the sexual orientation of his daughter?

And how will he deal with the fact that the daughter's friend belongs to an ethnic minority?

How the hell is he going to sort it out?

It's obvious that such a modern association as the European Union has a firm grip on all awkward situations. It counts for at-first-sight nonstandard matters as well.

And its officials are always in the right place!

Believe it or not...

However, it's good to make sure. Watch "Vote for the EU" and besides entertainment, you'll also find a way of solving difficult problems...

And you'll also learn that for beating a girl's bottom, the old Austrian cane is no good. No, there is something much more suited to the task, something that leaves perfect weals - the certified EU cane.

Stars: Petr Podhajsky, Eva Sulistova, Jiri Zabor, Alena Bohata, Renata Sukova, JItka Horvathova, Sarah Vilimkova

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