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Studio: RGE-Films
Do you like sitcoms? Some of you do, some do not, but this actually does not matter. We wil anyway persuade you that this genre can provide you with a funny and hot spanking story. Rigid East customers already know that they won't be disappointed by selecting from our offer - and the same applies to Lupus Pictures production.

But let's have a look at today's feature. Anne and Jane - beautiful youngsters - seem worried today. No money. And the money is needed so much... Amusement costs money nowadays; but where to get the money? Anne, the older of the girls, has an idea. She found an ad in an erotic magazine requesting „naked" photographs from amateurs. Anne easily talks her younger sister into trying the following plan out. When the parents leave for their cottage on Saturday, the sisters will use a camera to make pictures of themselves; the magazine will surely pay them well. Both girls fall asleep smiling, with visions of their soon-to-came wealthiness. What will their dreams be?

Long-awaited Saturday is here. The parents and the sisters go through a traditional ritual of the parents departing. Nervous dad waits for the mom in their car, the mom is confused as always and to add to the fun, she even stops to tell the sisters how to behave. The girls play their role well - they do not even flinch, nor they let the mom know what's in store. At last! All clear to start...

The sisters hurry to clean their room and get everything ready for their photo shoot session. But Jane is suddenly a bit reserved. She is not used to naked promenading, not speaking about naked photographs. But Anne is ready for action. She slowly courts her younger sister into a nice show. Even Jane, who is bored at the beginning, begins to enjoy what they do. The girls laugh and enjoy their naked photo shoot session. They switch roles and Anne is being photographed. In the end, the girls engage the timer on the camera and dance, laught and generally show off for the camera. Their are satisfied at the end of the day. They shot three full rolls of film. It is clear that the readers of the magazine will be satisfied too.

The magazine publishes the photos of both girls - and the magazine is out at the shops. The girls could never dream that their act will go unnoticed...

We are now in a kitchen/dining room. The dinner is being prepared - but the sounds echoing off the walls are the sound of something completely different. Anne is being punished by her mother. She is bent over her mother's knee and moreover, she has to listen to all her mother's laments. The magazine is open at the table and we can guess what's its contents. Jane waits, weeping, for her turn. It does not take long - Anne is kneeling in front of the window and Jane gets her share too.

Dad returns home when the spanking session is at its best. He's in a rather good mood - he noticed nice smell of the goulash already in the corridor. He is not surprised by mom's activity; the daughters are punished frequently. So he makes light remarks to the girls and continues to look forward to his dinner. Mom already serves him the soup. Dad notices the erotic magazine and thanks mom for providing it - what a nice favor! He scans the pages. Poor dad! The page showing his daughters in action nearly killed him - it would be sad to choke to death on goulash, however well prepared. Dinner is spoiled; dad curses the daughters instead of enjoying his meal. Caning is about to begin. Dad does not spare his daughters! He only stops when he feels like he will get a stroke. Moreover, a question springs into his thoughts: how much money the girls got? The answer shocks him. Then we see that even the dad is a man of action!

We won't tell you what happens next - you have to see the movie. We believe that you will like it, because it includes not only the spanking sessions you love, captured very realistically, but also several other special features. Have fun!

Stars: Jane, Anne

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