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Tortured Rears & Heartfelt Tears

Video: Tortured Rears & Heartfelt Tears
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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Some broads just never learn. Having received a most spirited spanking from our man in volume nine, this stunningly beautiful glamour model has non-the-less chosen to continue her prima-donna act on subsequent modeling assignments, and why not? Hillary is quite accustomed to having her own way. Enter Mike. One look at this eager young producer and Hillary figures she can double her money by throwing a well-timed temper tantrum. Big mistake! You see, what Hillary doesn't know is that Mike's fledgling video company is a subsidiary of our company. Enter out man. he who knows this greedy tart all too well is very pissed. Hang onto your hats!

Aerial is a very sexy lady with a body that's both svelte and slinky with all the right curves in all the right places, and when she moves it only gets better. Hers are the sensuous moves of a woman who has come to take her sizzling hot sex appeal for granted. Spanking a beautiful but arrogant wench such as Aerial is truly an enviable task. For here, we have both an ill-behaved young woman long, long overdue for a good bottom smacking and a bottom that is immensely fun to smack! It is indeed a win-win situation for everybody involved... well, everybody except Aerial that is!

Not yet old enough to drink alcohol legally, this wench already knows how to shake her booty in a manner that would cause a monk to drool. An exotic dancer by trade, Roxi saw our ad in the newspaper seeking lap dancers. The ad promised professional cock teasers like her plenty of motivation to do some really wild and uninhibited lap dancing. Buried deep in the small print of course, was our definition of lap dancing and motivation. Heh, heh...

Stars: Hillary, Aerial, Roxi

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