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Tied & Tickled Classics 3

Video: Tied & Tickled Classics 3
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Studio: California Star Productions
The tickling adventure continues in this collection of scenes from five very bizarre Tied & Tickled videos. Sweet young vacationers are in for a summer of bondage and tickle torture at the hands of Featherface, the Chainsaw Tickler. London's ladies of the evening are abducted, bound, and subjected to the tickling tortures of Dr. Tickle and Mr. Tied. Senoritas are stripped, bound in the sun, and tickled beyond endurance by the Tickling Bandito. Lovely prima donnas are taken from the stage to an underground cavern where they are forced to perform at the point of a feather for the Tickler of the Opera. All this and much more await your pleasure in this very imaginative series.

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