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The Wicked Kane Club

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Studio: Moonglow
Peter is the manager at the Wicked Kane Club. We first meet him when he is punishing Angela, his mistress, because she slapped a club member's face. During the punishment, Karl, the club's backer with his girl friend, Daniela, arrive and goad him to spank Angela harder. Then Cindy, the new waitress, arrives and is shocked at the scene she witnesses. Karl is not impressed, however, and gives Daniela a sound spanking to demonstrate what she will receive if she starts whining again. Later, it is discovered that a case of scotch has gone missing and all three girls are summoned back to the office. The interrogation continues with a liberal use of the cane to encourage the girls to admit the truth. It is a long, hard job but the men know it has to be done for the good of the girls.

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