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The Training Of Lielle: Week 1 – Disc 1

Video: The Training Of Lielle: Week 1 - Disc 1
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Studio: Daddy T's Dungeon
If one were to say that the first two days of the first week of Lielle's training went well, one would be referring to that particular form of wellness one experiences after eating bad food - the acrid taste in your mouth means that the meal is over and done with, though you aren't particularly happy.

As a sub in Daddy T's Dungeon it's evident after two days that Lielle is still in desperate need of more training. She talks back, winces at baby slaps and even admits to taking pain relievers to survive training. Bad girl! Don't worry though; Daddy T doesn't let that fly. She may be a little rough around the edges now, but after The Training of Lielle, she'll be the perfect sub!

Stars: Lielle

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