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The Trainer’s Dream

Video: The Trainer's Dream
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Studio: Kshara Productions
During the practices the trainer has some kinky thoughts. 2 beautiful shaking asses give the impressions for him.

Scene 1: After a short warm-up the trainer comes onto the scene and ask the girls to start the first exercise: goose-running with high knees! The shaking asses take the trainer to another space where the dreams come true - Bounded girls get extreme caning in his mind.

Scene 2: "Tug of war" - the beauties grabbed the rope and started to pull it and the trainer started his extreme thoughts about whipping their tits.

Scene 3: "Arm Wrestling" - look at these two pussies and how they strain and look at the man who is in another space where he continues the whipping on their asses and backs.

Scene 4: "Press-Up in 4 steps" - the hardest part for the girls and the hardest thoughts in the trainer's mind: he ties up the girls' arms and gives single tail whipping and cropping to their whole beautifull bodies.

Stars: Angie Blue, Nicole Venus

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