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Studio: Bum Rap Productions
Its new member day at purple Moon the exclusive club by Phenomenal Tasha Lee, and her partners, Yoni and Cecil B. Five prospective new members the beautiful Katrina Isis, the adorable girl next door, Dawn Soul, the playful Madelyn Rose, the sultry Storm, and the exotic Asian beauty Kyra sit and listen as they receive their instructions for the day. The rules are simple each girl is to be spanked by all three of Purple Moon's Board members. If the girl's cannot take the spanking they will not be able to join the club. What follows is 90 minutes of incredibly hot spanking action with gorgeous women over the knee of the most powerful and beautiful women to grace spanking erotica, as well as her two male partners.

Stars: Kyra, Tasha Lee, Yoni, Cecil B., Dawn Soul, More...

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