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The Sexual Harasser

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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Typical being the boss' nephew to think he can do whatever he wants with no consequences. After a confrontation with Daisa and Kayla at the water cooler, they decide to tell Molly and Kelly, the president and vice president of the company. After hearing yet another complaint about the boss' nephew they become fed up and tired of the harassment, pinching and their fellow employee coming on to them.

With no help from their boss the ladies at the company decide to handle the problem themselves. Instead of just reprimanding him they decide to teach him a real lesson while the boss is out. All four meet him in Molly's office and one at a time they each give him a good sound hand spanking and hairbrushing on his bare bottom until he is pleading for them to stop.

Stars: Kayla, Kelly, Kelly Payne, Daisa, Molly Mitsouko

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