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The Sailor And The Hunk

Video: The Sailor And The Hunk
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Studio: Bijou Video
When a young man finds employment for the summer, he soon discovers it's not all fun and games when Daddy's the Boss.

After nodding off on the job, he and a co-worker get their hides tanned. When The Sailor & the Hunk get together, the bodybuilder makes fun of the navy man's uniform. They exchange some names like "motherfucker" and "fuckbrains," and the sailor gets his butt spanked by the hunk.

The tables get turned, however, when Joe the bodybuilder falls asleep, gets tied up, and gets his bare ass spanked. An Englishman who demands Nothing But the Truth punishes his roommate for continually lying to him. A friend splashes another friend who is lying by the pool; the friend takes exception and takes it out on the young guy's butt. Man's Hand #10

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