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The Punished Poolboy

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Studio: Control T Studio
Is it really that hard to get good help these days? If we could get good help, would we want it? There's something to be said for a bearded Cherub of a poolboy who is so lazy and uncommitted to the job that he needs constant discipline and training. And the masterly man of the house has more than a few tricks up his sleeve - and down his trousers - to keep this lad in line. Our purloined poolboy gets dick-whipped in the face with this uncut latin truncheon for any disobedience. His laziness is punished as well with resounding smacks, slaps and strappings on his perfect caramel-colored butt cheeks. All this ass-slapping, face-spitting, belting and forced cocksucking is heightened by the humiliating experience of being watched by the man's wife from the kitchen window!

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