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The Night Nurse – Part 3 of The Impostor Series

Video: The Night Nurse - Part 3 of The Impostor Series
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Studio: Connoisseur C.P.
With her father having been summoned to the headmaster yet again, we find Jenny upended over her mother's knee for an old-fashioned hand spanking.

Unfortunately mum has to go to work but she's arranged for a night nurse friend to come and sit with Jenny.

The phone rings; it's the night nurse who is lost. As mum is late for work she hands the phone to Jenny to give travel directions with a warning to behave, but the scheming girl has other ideas. She lies and tells the real night nurse that she's no longer required "'cos my dad's just come home". She then makes a call to her friend Claire; "I've got the house to myself, so come as soon as you can".

Claire arrives, still in her waitresses' clothes, to find Jenny rubbing her bottom and queries the reason; a bottom inspection follows and she thinks Jenny is making a fuss over nothing. A discussion then ensues along the lines of "I can take more than you can". As a result of this, the two girls spank each other; following this Jenny produces a variety of paddles and straps which each applies to the other. Jenny then goes out and returns with an assortment of canes and a birch. The girls again take turns to use these canes on one another.

Father returns unexpectedly, to find his daughter, bottom bared, knickers lowered, being birched by the babysitter. He demands to know what's going on and "who the hell are you?" Jenny says she is the night nurse that mum has sent and they were just playing. Father decides that the night nurse should not be punishing Jenny and proceeds to demonstrate what real corporal punishment is all about. He hauls her over his knee for a good OTK spanking; then decides she should experience all the implements the girls have used. As Jenny produces each implement it is applied to her ever reddening bottom.

Finally satisfied, father sends Claire out and starts to give Jenny her promised beating. All too soon mother comes home; after hearing that Jenny had been playing with her babysitter, she finds Claire's discarded apron. The story is related and mother asks "Claire?" "Claire who?" "I sent Nicola". She picks up the birch "who's Claire? Jenny, who's Claire?" she repeats her question again and again, emphasising it each time with more strokes of the birch - Jenny remains silent. So Who is Claire? Find out in the final part: Impostor's End

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