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The Mischievous Maid

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Studio: Moonglow
Molly, our cheeky maid, played is hauled in to see the squire by Lady Elizabeth, the squire's wife. The maid is accused of putting a laxative in the guests' sugar bowels the previous evening. The result was a social disaster. The irate wife demands that the squire thrash the maid, who is (apparently unknown to the wife) having an affair with the squire. He is quite happy to strip her off and give her a good spanking. But he is in awe of the girl's seductive smile, and when she accuses Sally, the house keeper, of substituting the laxatives, Sally is soon having her bottom smacked. Then her ladyship returns and is furious as Sally is her lesbian lover (apparently unknown to the squire.) After a row between the Sally and Molly, Mr Cornish, the bursar is called in, and the girls are dragged off to the manor's classroom to be soundly caned. But the cane elicits the truth. It turns out that Lady Elizabeth was responsible, in order to get her revenge on Molly for having an affair with her husband. So now the squire and the bursar take it in turn to thrash her ladyship.

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