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The Last Case Of Dr. Freud

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Studio: RGE-Films
The human soul has many fascinating corners, places unexplored and mysterious. Who wouldn't like to look from time to time into the dark corners of the human mind? Who wouldn't like from time to time to become an explorer and travel the forbidden lands and boundless seas of the libido? What an amazing creature a human being really is!

This time Lupus Pictures brings you a movie called "The Last Case of Dr. Freud". You certainly know that all our movies contain everything you expect: harsh spankings of naked girls, faces streaked with tears, girlish shame and humiliation. And every time something extra - something that makes each movie unique. Our movies should not be missing from any true spanking-lover's collection.

We will not reveal the plot this time. The title itself gives you a clue. It's the end of the 1930's and the famous Dr. Freud isn't really in very good physical condition; nevertheless, the mind of the prestigious founder of psychoanalysis is still hale. The famous scientist and expert in analyzing the deepest corners of the human psyche will be our guide throughout this movie.

Apart from Dr. Freud we will also meet a simple man - a farmer living in a small Czech village. He is a man who likes the sound of a cane swishing into a naked girl's bottom. Because of this it is quite easy to put ourselves in his place - in his character and in his fantasy.

And we will not regret it! There are two young girls waiting for us - the farmer's daughter and her blonde friend. We are going to watch everything that takes place both in reality and in their sweet little heads - details we have never shown you before.

And that's not all! Do you think that well-behaved girls never masturbate? What do you think they are in for when the garden is full of hazel trees and springy hazel canes?

You will see two girls hardly beaten with sticks and after few moments one of them, still bruised, receiving trashing by heavy belt...

We hope we have enticed you enough. Although our description of our new movie is a little mysterious, you will still find everything you expect. In addition, the movie is full of humor - this is often the only way to overcome mutual human misunderstandings.

Additionally - "The Last case of Dr. Freud" contains a large bonus section, in which you can look behind the scenes and even watch scenes that were cut.

Enjoy it!

Stars: Pavel Stastny, Alexandra Wolf, Eva Sulistova, Denisa Petrakova, Thomas J. Marco

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