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The Guilty Spanish Girl

Video: The Guilty Spanish Girl
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Studio: Kshara Productions
The Spanish girl, Angie, makes the owner angry when she lies to his face. He can't afford to let her get away with a mistake in this manner. They agree that if the owner can be "compensated" by Angie, the girl's boss need never know what has actually happened. So, she has to agree to let him excite her body with different cruel implements, such as a single tail whip, a riding crop, a leather paddle and a plain whip. She also has no idea that she could get pleasure from a vibrator; of course, this too has a price...

The owner lays her on his knees; there is no escape from his hard strikes...

There is no mercy for Angie's hot red ass. Bound, to make her helpless, the punishment continues with hard and very painful hits of the riding crop and after that, with a whip so that the level of pain continues unabated.

The hands of the girl are bound high up over her head with the help of chains. In this manner her whole body can be reached by the cruel single tail whip.

Angie's ass and her mound of Venus, just above her pussy are next in line for punishment. Here also no mercy is shown. The riding crop doesn't spare her soft skin and the single tail whip leaves deep, red marks on her stomach, occasionally striking her pussy (which causes unbearable pain...

When Angie sees the vibrator she gets happy. But, she doesn't yet know that pleasure can also be reached through pain.

Stars: Angie Blue

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