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Let's be honest - is there a spanking movie fan whose breath would not get at least a little bit quicker at hearing the word "Governess"? Although our today's story actually deals with a slightly more complicated plot, we present you with this delicacy at last. Fans of strict governesses will certainly be satisfied.

But not just them.

Of course none of your favorite attributes is missing. Severe beatings, trembling butts, screams and cries, humiliation of punished girls and their naked bodies - yum!

And as usually, there's something more.

Let's take a short look at the story. Hannah and Maria are daughters of their caring father. The good man, somewhat broken by the loss of his wife, trusts a hired governess with raising of the girls. A stern, dry woman is well-aware of her task and the girls have to submit to a wide range of educational measures. Hannah in particular, who tries hard to be good, is rather unlucky and constantly finds herself in trouble. And sometimes Maria even helps things a little.

This time is no different. Hannah is punished for recklessness and in addition to being beaten, she is given a writing assignment. When it is finished, Maria spills ink on her sister's work. And Hannah is in trouble again. And this time it wouldn't be just the beating.

Here comes the promised "something more". Certainly you've heard about an educational practise, during which a naughty child gets a lump of ginger root inserted in the anus. Have you ever seen it happen? If not, then this is your unique opportunity. Because that's what happens to Hannah. The whole scene is shot with great detail! Don't miss it!

The story continues to unfold in the bedroom. While Hannah writes her next assignment and suffers from having a pungent root at such a sensitive place, Maria is preparing for a remarkable misdeed - she's expecting the visit of her lover. By that time we really get to know her character - dear good Maria is in fact quite a beast. And while she caresses her own slim figure, she gets an idea of a plan to get her sister out of the room. And it seems to work.

But one shouldn't taunt the devil. As soon as she gets in bed with her lover and the naked bodies surrender to passionate joy, the sound of something broken - perhaps a vase knocked over - wakes up the whole house.

What now?

Maria knows what to do. She sets up everything so cunningly, that good Hannah gets blamed again. Neither her father nor the governess believe the innocent girl. And the father really loses his patience this time. He flogs his daughter with his old riding whip and is not moved by screams or begging of the punished.

But the situation gets complicated. A police officer enters, having caught a half-naked man in front of the house. It becomes obvious that another punishment is about to come and the whip, which must have rested on the shelf for years, is going to massacre another girl's behind. Will it be Maria, the father's favorite girl, or a poor maid, a frail redhead?

We won't spoil the surprise here - go watch the movie. You can be sure that it will meet your expectations. We can promise that you will see many things that you have not yet seen in our movies. Together with authentic contemporary setup and very interesting illumination, we are sure that you will not be disappointed by "The Governess". We wish you a pleasant experience!

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