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A hot summer night, locusts, a dark luxurious house... We're in the 60s - on one hand the time of "flower power" and bright colors - and on the other - hypocrisy, narrow-mindedness and the misunderstanding older generation. This is the setting of the new movie by Lupus Pictures called "Girlfriends".

The slamming of a car door, the sound of an eight-cylinder engine made by the receding Cadillac, and a girl lithely walks across the silent area in front of the villa. If only her father won't wake up, if only he won't see her coming home so late... Unfortunately this is only her wishful thinking.

The silence of the hall is disturbed by the clock-striking. And then we hear the click of a light switch as a beam of light shines on the terrified daughter. This is going to be bad.

Just before he spanks his daughter, the father realizes that something is wrong. Her dress is inside out and her underwear is missing completely. Where the hell has his daughter been and what has she been doing?

And then the first spanking comes - a long and intense session. The girl is bent over her father's knee and her bottom is slapped by his tough punishing hand for a long, long time. But this is not enough - after some time the father fetches a leather slipper and starts all over again. This is going to be severe. And very painful. The poor girl is crying her eyes out.

But how can he prevent his daughter from continuing her immoral behaving? Particularly when we learn she's not a virgin anymore? Well, the old generations knew their stuff. And why shouldn't her father use a lovely chastity belt, which proved to be so useful and effective in the past?

The mother understands her daughter. Once the father - a corvette captain - is on duty she wants to relieve her poor daughter. She tries the key - but it doesn't fit the lock! Why not? Yes, the lock is different now; somebody must have changed it. This is serious. It's necessary to call the father.

And here comes the scene you've never seen before. In the office of the honorable navy officer we witness the hardest paddling that has ever been filmed. Fifty strokes with a heavy wooden paddle swung with all the strength of the master's muscular arm. She has no other choice than to confess who changed the lock on her chastity belt. And here we go - it was her best friend, Dana. "Dana, Dana, Dana!" she cries between the final blows as the horrible tool ravages her dark purple, swollen buttocks.

After one more phone call, Dana is brought to the house by her own father. The good men sympathize with each other. It is necessary to punish the other naughty girl as well. Now a heavy belt comes into play - the belt of a stern man, which will make an impression on the bare bottom of a delicate girl. Between the individual strokes, her father barks threats and warnings at her. Again we can witness fifty blows with the thick heavy belt to her delicate little bottom. He won't tolerate this.

The crying girls stand half-naked in the corner. Their fathers can have a toast. They have done the best that they could for their daughters. Really? After these good men understand what has really happened, the mother knows the only proper solution...

A simple but lovely plot that doesn't neglect any of the things you like - shame, nakedness, spanking, crying... And as with all movies by Lupus Pictures, the great setting and fast-paced events will definitely draw you in. Enjoy it!

Stars: Eva Sulistova, Pavel Statstny, Kira Amsto, Helena Kubecova, Zybsek Podhajsky

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