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The Game Warden & Caning Engagement

Video: The Game Warden & Caning Engagement
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Studio: California Star Productions
An attractive young lady falls foul of strict regulations regarding lighting camp fires on private land. When she is discovered by the Game Wardens' understudy, she is warned about the consequences of her actions. She accepts the best method of dealing with this is corporal punishment, which starts there and with a spanking on her bare bottom. Over her radio the wardens' assistant is instructed to bring the girl in for further discipline by the Chief Warden himself. This discipline includes paddling and the inevitable caning which is such a ritual in this countryside. II Brian has been very meticulous with his wedding plans, when one day while discussing the finishing touches with his fiancée Davina, it is dropped on him like a bombshell she had been having an affair with a local caterer. Brian understandably shocked and humiliated at the new. However he doesn't want to be hasty and end the marriage, so he angrily tells Davina to go to his study where he will give her a stern corporal punishment. He spanks her bare bottom hard before using one of his fathers' paddles to warm up her bottom and sends her to their bedroom for a hard thrashing with the family cane. Davina is extremely tearful and regreuul of her sins. This only falls on deaf ears as the cane bites deeply into her curvy bare bottom leaving a lovely series of welts.

Stars: Davina

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