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The French Baguette Fetish & Kink Party

Video: The French Baguette Fetish & Kink Party
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Studio: Alex Legend

In this video Penny Pax has decided to teach me a lesson and she's not joking around. She thankfully let me play with my dick but under some really strict instructions. Go watch dominatrix Penny Pax in action it's hot!

Since I got some fans requests saying that the POV wasn't showing enough of my Legendary body I had this cool idea where I asked Penny to hold the camera (as still as she can and you bet it was a little challenging! lol) so everyone can have a different look at a scene with me, it really came out great so go watch it!

My sister has been misbehaving and I had enough! I have to teach a lesson she'll remember and stop making the whole family look bad. I know her weakness! She has some really sensitive feet so I brought Mr Cane with me and together we're gonna take good care of her...

My step sister thinks she's all grown up and everything but she's not! And I need to get her to understand that! She has a boyfriend and she's texting and flirting with him. I tell her it's not ok but she could careless and tell me I'm not her dad! I might not be her dad but I'm her big brother and this is not gonna fly! I give her the caning she deserves to hopefully know a little better next time...

Penny Pax is not the best step daughter you can ask for. Far from that actually! She doesn't like going to class and does everything she can to work as little as possible. i don't think she understands how crucial it is to have a good education and all the opportunities she'll miss if she doesn't have good grades. I've had enough this isn't the first time the problem comes up and this time she's gonna get it. I brought my crop with me and she's gonna get a good beating, maybe she'll think twice next time before getting bad grades!

My step sister is not allowed to have a boyfriend because she's too young, yet I was walking in the hallway by her door and heard she was talking to someone. It's already late so she's not allowed to have friends over that late, she must be on the phone with that guy Jason she's been seeing. She's been lying to me but I know what the truth is. She said she broke up with him but that's not she's still very much texting him and calling him. Apparently she doesn't understand the warnings I gave her so tonight we're gonna try something different. I give her a good spanking she'll remember to make we won't have that boyfriend talk again anytime soon!

I was working after hours in the office last week and one of my coworker was still there too, her name is Christie and she’s super hot. Since everybody else was gone I was kinda checking her out and I noticed she was looking back at me too. At some point she started getting naked and touching herself. She played with herself for a little bit but then she asked me to get naked too and asked me to stroke my dick. Eventually she put her feet around my dick and started giving me a foot job. After little while it felt so good that I couldn’t hold it any longer and came all over her pretty feet. I’m not disappointed that I had to stay late to finish that project and hopefully we get to have more office fun soon...

If you don’t know Ember Snow yet you’re missing out! Don’t worry though cause it’s about to change! Don’t be fooled by her cute face and her petite body she loves playing with a big dick and she can take one! She likes to spice things up and wanted to wear a cat suit when I fucked her, wasn’t gonna say no cause she looked hot as hell in that suit and it opened in all the right places! ;-) So if you like watching a small Asian girl take on a huge dick you gotta watch that video! Ember sucks on that big dick before getting railed in every position you can think of which leads to reward with big load all over her ass! Enjoy!

I like watching a girl masturbate before she can’t hold it any longer and cums and squirts everywhere! If you’re like me you’re gonna love Ember Snow! She’s a hot Asian teen who can squirt like there’s no tomorrow, since we know what she’s capable of we decided to go hang out in the bathroom, I sat in the tub while she was on the edge and used her Hitachi while I was also masturbating. As expected it didn’t take long and she squirted all over my dick while cumming real hard. After that her pussy was so wet that she couldn’t resist and needed to feel a big dick in her tight little pussy so I made her ride that big dick until she couldn’t take it anymore. Enjoy! ;-)

Stars: Christie Stevens, Ember Snow, Penny Pax, Alex Legend

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