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The Forbidden Room

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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Gina thinks her boyfriend Kenny has a silly fetish.

He's outfitted one of the bedrooms of their apartment with a host of spanking instruments: paddles, straps, spanking benches, whips, canes, and the like. Gina believes it's childish.

Gina's friend Kathy visited one afternoon, and revealed that she was always curious about getting a spanking. Soon, the girls began to explore Kathy's fantasy, and sensual spanking session was well underway.

The girls brought the action to Kenny's spanking room, and in a little while, they were both indulging in the fetish, taking turns spanking each other's bottom with hand and strap.

But the sensual spanking quickly turned sadistic session, when Kenny showed up, unannounced, home early from work. When he discovered the girls giggling and laughing about his "chamber" and the spanking paddles and whips inside, he was furious.

It was obvious. Neither of these girls respected spankings. It was time they learned what discipline was all about, and they needed to pay for breaking his one and only rule about visiting his chamber without permission.

Kenny doles out some impressive spankings, putting these two naked girls though their paces well. Both Gina and Kathy lose their grins immediately when sizzling swats blast into their unprepared butts. Plus each girl suffers painful tit whippings and pussy lashings!

They won't make fun of Kenny's fetish ever again.

Stars: Kathy, Gina, Kenny

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