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Talia Monet shows up late to her Mistress wearing a slutty little outfit and smelling like strange cock. She has been out whoring around without her Mistress Gemini's permission and this will not do! Gemini takes her by the ear into the bathroom and gives Talia a big painful enema. She forces her to hold it deep in her cramping bowels while Gemini flogs and spanks her. Clothes pins go on Talia's clit and nipples and Gemini mercilessly crops Talia's tender areas. She cries for mercy and Gemini finally unties her so she can release the enema.

Then Gemini takes Taila into the next room. She shoves and penis-gag in her mouth and positions her with total access to that ass. Gemini works Talia's ass over good with her hand. The discipline continues with heavy straps and paddles. Then Gemini puts Talia on her back with her legs in the air, a position she knows well. She crops, canes and paddles Talia. Then the underwear comes off and Gemini beats her little pussy!

Gemini has a final surprise in store and she makes Talia pee into a pitcher. Gemini empties her bladder filling the pitcher with golden nectar and She leads Talia off on her knees for the big golden surprise!

Stars: Talia Monet, Mistress Gemini

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