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The Christmas Quiet

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Studio: RGE-Films
It's Christmastime. A calm, peaceful time full of expectation. The quiet strains of jingle bells mix with the pleasant smells of homemade sweets. Not surprisingly, even this setting can inspire the authors of Lupus Pictures to create a spanking movie. Father decorates the Christmas tree and his daughter Jane helps him. The other daughter, Hana, plays the violin. Unfortunately, her music is dreadful; you can hardly bear to listen to it. Even her mother's smile disappears. Only the maid - as maids do - has an unreadable face. They all fast. You have to fast on Christmas Day - otherwise how could you see a dancing fairy? But Jane is willful and can't resist the tray of sweets. And the maid? When the young lady permits, even offers her some... But Hana notices. And why shouldn't she tell her father about their misbehaviour? Jane's upbringing can't be neglected, even if it is Christmas. And if the flexible whistling rod can change the daughter's mind, why shouldn't it work on the maid? So both the "sweet" girls get their punishment, and their naked bottoms suffer some real beating. And that's not all - the mother does her bit too. She gives the girls a proper enema; its insertion in their whipped bottoms make a great impression... What a lovely Christmas Day... But Jane plots revenge. And you'll learn in the movie what she and the maid prepare for her sister. We can only reveal that Hana doesn't escape a proper beating with the rod either. And that's not all - she has to pee in the potty and after the beating. And then the hated ginger root comes into play. Imagine how much it stings, how humbling it is to kneel like this in front of the others. A most ordinary Christmas in an urban family. Don't you think it's worth seeing it? Like all movies by Lupus Pictures? We wish you a pleasant time watching the movie and "...a merry Christmas feast!" The dvd version include exclusive gallery and interviews with actresses before and after caning.

Stars: Jan Zlatousty, Renata Sukova, Sarah Vilimkova, Maria Kralova, Michaela Trmotova

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