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The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories

Video: The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
In A Realtor Spanking, realtor Chelsea has shown Ms. Rutherford eighty-five different commercial spaces, all well suited for the office space for which her client is searching. However, Ms. Rutherford is never pleased. Having wasted way too much time on the project, Chelsea finally snaps and Amelia gets what she has coming!

Indecorous Behavior is a charming tale in which Amelia and Chelsea are interior decorators, hired to decorate an office space. Chelsea, the bohemian, feels the office is cold and needs some warm touches. Amelia, the minimalist, feels that offices ought to be cold. When Amelia insults Chelsea's tastes, calling her sick and unprofessional, Chelsea quickly moves to illustrate just how sick and unprofessional she can be!

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amelia Jane Rutherford

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