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Tartan Tanning

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Studio: Moonglow

For this video, we head north to Scotland, the home of the tawse or belt as it is known up there. At the Moonglow Academy, the prefects look after most of the discipline. Banners and Simpkins are two enthusiastic prefects and keen to do their duty when they catch Lucy and Ulrika enjoying a illicit bottle of wine. The girls are hauled off to the prefects' common room and the canes are brought out. Prefects are only permitted to administer six strokes. But Banners and Simpkins decide to take a bottom cheek each and each one to administer six strokes to one cheek.

Near the end, the deputy headmaster arrives and is not to pleased with what is going on. In fact he thinks that it is on the verge of serious bullying. He sends them all out and calls them back one at a time for a sound strapping, the prefects for bullying and the others for boozing. By the end, the strap makes all the girls' bottoms glow red.

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