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Tales of The Sin District – The Cathouse

Video: Tales of The Sin District - The Cathouse
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Studio: RGE-Films
Lupus Pictures presents the second episode about a police station in Prague's Nusle neighborhood. We see the familiar faces of the state troopers lead by their chief Kvapil; and we will also get to know other characters from this "sin district", e.g. councilor Birdie or madam Owl, who is the owner of the local house of ill repute. And her house is the focus of today's story.

The troopers interrogate a suspect - they believe he has cracked a safe. The robber keeps denying that, when suddenly...

Suddenly, the furious madam bursts in the police station - two of her girls have ended up in the correctional facility. Several banknotes discreetly find their way into the police chief's pocket. And the good man promises - without obligation, of course - that he will see to the whole case...

And trainee HorĂ¡%u010Dek has a file to complete...

The chief releases the two sinners from the correctional facility - and the madam gets even with them; it cost her a fortune to rescue the girls from the clutches of the law. And we can see that she handles the supple stick as skillfully as the police chief himself. The madam proves her skill immediately, administering a proper beating to the naked bottom of the two sinners' colleague. The poor girl cringes, showered with hard strokes; the madam doesn't seem to hear the girl's supplications and weeping.

Then another character enters the scene. When the madam starts to punish the first of the two prostitutes, their regular customer - Prince Alexej - can't stand watching the naughty girl trying to avoid the punishment. He finishes his champagne and acts at once - grasping the errant girl, who finally gets what she deserves.

Cigarette smoke reminds him of his fatherland - a vast Russian country, his youth and his former life the Bolshevists stole for him, so he takes the rod and the other girl gets a professional beating on her naked bottom...

Will Kvapil get away with the bribery? What will councilor Birdie say after he reads the accusing letter from trainee HorĂ¡%u010Dek? And what about the safecracker? Will he escape punishment? And what will happen later in the brothel?

The district of Nusle is a lively neighborhood; in its smoke and haze, interesting stories and images come to the surface... Follow us through its dark streets and enjoy yourselves as we reveal new adventures in the Sin District...

Stars: Zbysek Podhajsky, Sarah Vilimkova, Maria Kralova, Vendula Steinova, Linda Nova, Achnaton Kral, Vaclav Josef Rejnek, Jan Zaeek, Lars Moeius, Ferdinand Smikmator, Milos Strasak

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