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Tales Of The Sin District – Close Encounters

Video: Tales Of The Sin District - Close Encounters
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Studio: RGE-Films
The period between world wars became a legend in Czechoslovakia. And not just a legend, but a source of various stories - stories full of romance and magic in the old streets of historical Prague. Stories of policemen and rogues' galleries.

An ideal setting for spanking movie, isn't it?

Lupus Pictures created the first movie of our new series from loosely connected stories about the police station in Prague's Nusle. A criminal element has invaded the peaceful atmosphere, disrupting local traditions.

New police recruit Horacek. Straight out of the police academy he falls into the war with the underworld. He is full of ideals and knowledge of the rules, but he lacks in any real life experience. Chief constable Kvapil will have to endure some hard times. Horacek makes things very difficult for him.

During a routine night patrol - against the will of experienced constable Vondruska - he nabs all the prostitutes they meet.

However another good man of law, costable Dousa, is shocked when the entire group arrives at the police station.They have interrupted his favorite activities - eating and looking at dirty pictures.

New recruit Horacek understands grey areas in theory; however, real life is more complicated. His attempts to interrogate the prostitutes are ridiculous. In particular Emilie Fadrna - an experienced street walker - knows how to deal with him. And when chief constable Kvapil comes to the station he puts Horacek right in his place.

The chief constable has to observe respect and discipline. The girls' papers aren't in order. Two of them have incomplete identity books and the third one doesn't have hers at all.

What to do with them?

Why bother with formal rules? Why bother writing long reports? There is a much quicker, easier way to settle this.

It is time for the cane. All three girls, stripped of their dresses, will be caned. Chief constable Kvapil is a skilful man and he will make their bottoms black and blue. The girls cry on the hard wooden bench as the cane lashes into their poor bottoms. But they maintain position because they know they have no choice. All they can do is cry and plead.

At last the caning is over. While two of the girls wipe their tears and leave the station gratefully, the third one stays there like a statue.

This poor girl is not a prostitute after all. She is simply a maid who wanted to go dancing. Foolish Horacek didn't realize it. What to do now? The is only one solution. Chief constable Kvapil has to take the poor girl to her mistress. He has no idea what awaits them there.

To find out what happens you must see our first movie from the new series "Tales From the Sin District". We're sure you will enjoy it.

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