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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of… My Mistress

Video: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of... My Mistress
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Studio: Oral Angie
During my stay with the Mistress, there were times she really used me hard and long. I had no set sleeping time, I slept whenever I could. And since my mind was (and still is for that matter) full of kinky thoughts constantly, well, it's not surprising that I would morph a documentary on the tube about the cold war and my domineering Mistress into a wild and crazy dream! This one starts with me falling asleep exhausted on the couch with a documentary about the cold war on TV. I then become the madam! One can dream, right? Then, in barges a hard, cruel, perverted, domineering, nasty female Secret Police Commissar, who announces that I am under arrest and need to be interrogated. Can you guess who the hard, cruel, perverted, domineering and nasty female Commissar is? I knew you could! This one has girl/girl whipping, paddling, bondage, humiliation, abuse...and much more. Do I break? Will I ever wake up? You're just going to have to watch the it now, OR ELSE!

Stars: Angie Summers, Lady Femina

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