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Suppressed With The Cane

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Studio: California Star Productions
There comes a time in everyone's life when they are no longer wanted around the house. The time has come for poor Douglas when Emily confronts him in the lounge and tells him that she has found a spot for him in the local nursing home.

He is devastated and decides that is time for some old fashioned discipline to be administered upon Emily. He puts her firmly across his knee for a spanking. When it is clear that she still unrepentant her knickers are pulled down to her knees for even more bare bottom spanking. The still unrepentant Emily is soon forced to change her mind when a paddle and twenty or so hard strokes of the cane are administered.

When the nurse turns up to pick Douglas up we learn that the price demanded is much higher than previously quoted. Furious, Douglas decides to cane the nurse as her panties are pulled down and she is given sixty or more strokes. She finally concedes and gives them a full refund.

Stars: Emily, Douglas

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