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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
The letter from the IRS stops just short of saying that the books are cooked and Chelsea's little book-keepers are in trouble, deep.

Chelsea decides to make a "documentary" film, to help pay the penalty fee and Paris and Darling swiftly discover that they must participate or be fired. They sign their release forms, agreeing to be spanked.

Darling goes first, squealing and struggling the whole time as Chelsea makes it sting. Paris is next, and Chelsea is just as stern. But poor Paris is really blameless! She gave Darling correct figures, but Darling lost them and just guessed when she filed the forms on Chelsea's behalf. Still, Darling sees an opportunity to lay all the blame on Paris. Chelsea believes Darling's fibs and orders Darling to spank Paris hard, first thing the next morning.

Taken over Darling's knee, Paris pleads for mercy, but gets none as she suffers through hand and hairbrush.

When Chelsea arrives to conduct a particularly embarrassing (for Paris) "examination" of the spankee's bottom, she tells Paris she may now correct her "error".

Darling knowing her lie will be discovered, claims to be the only one able to fix the figures correctly. That's when Chelsea gets suspicious...

The next day, it's Paris' turn to play out "The Assistant's Revenge" on Darling's fanny! A leather paddle and a very thick wooden, heart-shaped paddle help Paris do her job quite well.

Stars: Paris, Darling, Chelsea Pfeiffer

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