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Studio: RGE-Films
The Lupus series, about poor young women, children of criminals of the State, who are savaged in institutions in occupied Europe in the 1940's. The actress Niki Flynn is featured here, an American daughter of a disgraced and deceased partisan. She was tortured and beaten in an institution and will relive it for us in flashbacks as she testifies in a government hearing. This video, a rich variety of scenes for the genre, primarily features naked female humiliation as prominently as it does corporal punishment.

When an alarm sounds she is hustled into a corridor and surprised to discover she has been incarcerated with five other girls. We have a lot of punishment to look forward to. A redhead is assigned to her cell and whispers the awful truth about what goes on at this institution. There is a flashback of the redhead, stark naked, in the "correction room," stretched over an uncomfortable looking waist-high crossbar, feet pulled wide and chained, arms stretched forward and fastened, her bottom flying high, open, and ready. A hefty female uniformed matron, right out of a "B" sleaze movie, canes the bejesus out of her bottom. She screams with purpose and quivers reflexively. Her high tight bottom and spread legs provide perfect intimate geography. All the canings in this movie are Lupus-hard, but not quite as brutal as some; this particular restraining device produces some of the most consistently intimate views we recall.

Numerous scenes of caning, nudity, and humiliation. The redhead gets her shower hose-down, very exceptional; we see Niki whipped and struggling, straddled nude on an inverted V-shaped sawhorse; the girls are run through PT in the cell corridor as their pants fall down; a group nude shower and hose-down; Niki has her session on the caning rack--pulled even tighter; the guards play cards, with Niki chained to the wall, bottomless, as a plaything trifle for them.

Niki must watch another girl being caned on the rack--another example of legs pulled wide; the guards, the ones who torture these girls at will, are seen holding a girl down buck naked as she is pussy whipped.

In a cell, we see the purpose of the bunk straps; the girls are fastened down, fondled, and abused.

Stars: Niki Flynn, Jiri Zabor, Sarah Vilimkova, Karel Stibrany, Michaela Trmotova, Vaclav Josef Rejnek, Marie Dvorakova, Katerina Dvorakova, Kristina Dvorakova, Sara Vojtiskova, Lukas Wolf

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